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Our Accelerate Program

Don’t get caught out by the constant changes and uncertainty with governments and laws. Learn how you can cover your vulnerabilities like the high net worth by moving offshore, spreading their wealth across the globe and working to create a legacy.

Flee the Country
Before It’s Too Late

Follow what the elite are doing to prepare for the new economy. Leverage our expert’s knowledge, guidance and assistance to become a digital nomad, flee the outrageous regulations onshore, and obtain second passports & residencies to become a global sovereign individual with a back-up plan.

Balanced Portfolio
& Spread Your Risk

1 is a dangerous number. One income stream, one business, one structure. Learn how to get into exclusive investment opportunities to grow your wealth, spread your risk and mitigate the effects of a financial collapse.

Global Wealth Club

Serve Humanity On A
Larger Scale

Follow the #1 secret of what the super wealthy do. Set up a foundation to give back to the world, create a legacy and fulfil your purpose, while reaping the added benefits of 100% legal tax minimization and elite asset protection.

Global Wealth Club

Our Accelerate Process

Step 1.

Initial Assessment

Set goals and prepare all your information to make the best use of your time in the Strategy Session with our expert.

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Strategy Session

Analyse your situation and provide initial guidance and recommendations to move forward with your goals.

Step 3.

Tailor-Made Solution

Show you the options to move forward to achieve the results you want.

Step 4.

Full Implementation

We facilitate the full implementation with your accountant, and/or our qualified contacts from beginning to end to ensure you meet all legal requirements and have peace of mind the whole way.

Step 5.

Advanced Education & Guidance

Our experts provide exclusive 1-on-1 education and support on the new regulations if you move offshore, show you the opportunities of how to create multiple income streams to spread your risk and expand your wealth.

Step 6.

Ongoing Support

Our services continue during and after the implementation. We help you progress towards your goals, provide regular education and options to work with us on an ongoing basis.

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