This article is a transcription of the interview between Edward Black and Stephen Petith.


Following Mark McGowan’s decision to step down as Premier of WA, the state of WA has now announced the launch for an Indigenous Environment law that’s going to affect all farmers and anyone who wants to do anything on their land. Can you share some insight into what this new law actually is? Then also share why you say it’s going to affect land owners from working on their land?


At first, I didn’t really grasp what this was going to do. I thought this was going to be like another native rivers type thing that they have here in Queensland and New South Wales. But I had it then sent to me by about four different farming people I know, all land owners that I know in WA, and they all basically said “read the fine print”.

So I went and started digging and having a look, and then all of a sudden it started getting traction in the non-MSN, non-mainstream media sites. Sky News had a big thing on it the other day, where pretty much to touch anything on your land, including planting, and if you dig any more than about 50 mil under the surface, you need a permit. That means anyone who ploughs, plants or wants to put a tree in, you must have a divert, a water course, or even any building you’re going to have, not only now do you need a building permit, but you must have this Indigenous Environment Law satisfied. There’s another investigative report and another thing that you’re going to have to do. You’ve got all these bits and pieces that are normal life on the land or even in your own backyard.

How many times do you go and put up a goal or something and you dig more than 50 mil into the server or put a kid swing set up? So it’s going to be really restrictive and pretty much it’ll destroy most day to day operations that happen. Farm mending fences, putting grids in, digging, drainage, Danish ditches, drainage ditches, anything like that, removing a dead tree. It’s just more and more I don’t know what tape you call this.

Do you call it black tape? Black with a green stripe? We got red tape, green tape, blue tape, pink tape, yellow tape. We’ve got every tape under the sun coming out in this country at the moment. This goes, you want to put a housing development in because we’ve got a housing problem. This law will basically stop that as well. So it’s getting out of hand and this was all supposed to be because BHP or Rio Tinto or one of those mining companies, they destroyed a supposed Aboriginal site during some (I can’t remember what it was), mine expansion activities or something, or reformation work.

From that, this law was launched. But good old Socialists and commies, they have taken it way too far. The driving backbone of this country is mining and farming. That’s it, right? And without mining and farming, we don’t have the money to go and spend on everything. So all laws like this that make it harder to mine, farm and operate your land (or the land that you have), just makes it harder and harder for Australia to actually go anywhere as an economic entity. Little things like this are just absolutely ridiculous.


It just sounds like another kneejerk reaction that Australia does, because, like the classic one I know, Warren says, how Australia deals with its problems is that if there’s a mole in your backyard, the solution in Australia’s mind is to blow up the whole backyard.

So is this just another one of those kneejerk reactions to try and solve an issue they face?


100%. It’s pandering to minority groups again, but it’s also driving because WA is run by a Labor government, Labor is driven by the Fabian society rules, which is basically communism and socialism. Everyone’s equal. So if you have a look at everything they do, it’s all about bringing everyone to the lowest common denominator, making everyone dependent on the state. You can’t do anything unless you have a permit from the state, right?

That’s ingrained in, especially these modern Labor politicians who have really taken to heart the Fabian rules and the communist ideals are just so hell bent on making sure that we destroy everything.

And I had this conversation with a couple of guys the other day, or a couple of women and a couple of good friends of mine, and we’re saying that if you have a look at strong societies around the world and advancing societies around the world, the underlying premise of those societies is a belief in faith. Doesn’t matter what it is, some sort of belief in a faith driven outcome. It’s moral code and all that sort of stuff, e.g. family values.

Then on the other side is some form of prosperity, and the biggest thing that you get, if you have a look, the countries that are building the new empire have that built into them, right?

They have that. The faith, moral values, family and a name on prosperity. Now, they all get there in different ways, but that’s pretty much the underlying root cause. China, Russia, Turkey, India, Brazil. They’ve all got those underlying values.

But in the west, we are destroying those underlying values, because that then destroys society. If you take out the drive for prosperity, make yourself rich, you break down the family unit, transgender, the destruction of women and the destruction of faith. Have a look at how media, if you’re Christian aligned in this country or in most Western countries, they just tear you down. But isn’t it funny, though, when all the politicians are running, they all run on we have family values.

We have a faith based thing that go to church and we believe in prosperity. So they know that those three things get them elected. But when they’re elected, they do the complete opposite. And that’s what all these laws are about, is the destruction slowly pulling apart the society.


That makes sense. And if people just looked at actions rather than words, they’d probably be able to see a lot more than what meets the eye or what they hear on the media.

The other question I was going to ask on that topic was with the whole indigenous law being passed around with farmers and landowners, is there anything or any solutions you can use to get around that or not really? Like in terms of the permits and making sure you’re not affected by it?


Not when it comes to land rights. It’s really hard to get around a lot of that land right stuff. I would say the biggest killer of prosperity in this country is all the layers of environmental and land rights and NIMBYism that we have.

It’s a massive destruction on our prosperity. And that’s why we don’t have big factories built here anymore. Because imagine trying to build a steel mill which is going to take up gigantic amounts of land and water and needs massive amounts of energy, which is all the other bits and pieces that go around, all the bullshit policies.

You just can’t do it. It’s getting to the point where it’s an impossibility unless you’re willing to wait a long, long time.


And a question too, from Christine on this topic was if the sites are not already identified, there’s actually no one alive who can identify the site. So how can it even work?


Yeah, that’s the other problem. And the thing is, if you put two aboriginal tribes together over the one site, they’ll give you three different answers. So I don’t know how any of it’s going to work. And this is the other problem. It’s not intended to do what it’s proclaimed to do, so they haven’t actually worked out that part and don’t care that part won’t work.

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