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26 February 2022


12.30 – 3.30pm AEDT



*This will be a very specialist webinar on educational contents, the structures and how it all works.

First, it was your health, freedom of movement and personal privacy that governments targeted, and continue to do.

Now it’s your wealth and livelihood being targeted.

Laws in Canada are being spoken of to increase tax rates for the unjabbed for the simple reason they’re responsible for the hospital numbers and deaths.

Panama recently tightened their laws and regulations around setting up a foundation and moving money offshore.

In Australia, most of the workforce require a jab certificate, causing incomes en masse to get slashed.

And so much more is happening to sabotage your wealth.

It’s only going to get worse.

Let’s take a look at an alarming message the ATO announced in May 2021.

The ATO will be writing to around 100,000 taxpayers with cryptocurrency assets explaining their tax obligations and urging them to review their previously lodged returns. It also plans to prompt almost 300,000 taxpayers as they lodge their 2021 tax return to report their cryptocurrency capital gains or losses.

Generally, those who buy, sell, swap for fiat currency, or exchange one cryptocurrency for another, will be liable to CGT. CGT also applies to the disposal of non-fungible tokens. In limited circumstances, cryptocurrency may be a personal use asset.

Businesses or sole traders that are paid cryptocurrency for goods or services, will have these payments taxed as income based on the value of the cryptocurrency in Australian dollars. 

While it appears that cryptocurrency operates in an anonymous digital world, the ATO closely tracks where it interacts with the real world through data from banks, financial institutions, and cryptocurrency online exchanges to follow the money back to the taxpayer. Taxpayers should keep accurate records including dates of transactions, the value in Australian dollars at the time of the transactions what the transactions were for, and who the other party was, even if it is just their wallet address”.

We predict the cryptocurrency market will be the governments’ next target as most investors and traders in this space are the worst structured people and have no idea about the tax implications surrounding cryptocurrencies.

If you’re already successful in this space, or planning to be, you can’t delay on setting yourself up correctly.

With experts and analysts predicting bigger gains to be made in the future as it starts to go mainstream, if you’re not prepared you’ll be up for a HUGE tax bill.

If the market booms and you profit from it, rest assured the tax man will want a slice of the pie and you’ll be up for an unwanted tax bill, as many clients have found out the hard way.

In a worst case scenario, we may even witness an executive order to confiscate all cryptocurrencies.

Similar to what we saw in the 1933 gold seizure.

No doubt this will catch many people off-guard and cause major financial havoc.

However, if you know how to prepare for this and correctly structure yourself, these issues will be the least of your problems.


Keeping your wealth is just as important as making it.

Yet most people forget the aspect of keeping it.

Therefore, we’re hosting a free online half-day webinar to teach you all the practical tools you need to know about how to structure yourself correctly in cryptocurrencies.

You don’t want to miss this.

Secure your spot below.

With cryptocurrencies being a completely different investment to others, most accountants have absolutely no idea what to do or how to structure this correctly.

However, being involved in cryptocurrencies ourselves for years, this is something we’ve become very familiar with and specialize in.

It’s an area we’ve helped many of our clients overcome and master, and legally avoid unwanted tax bills from the greedy government.

This is something you too can become familiar with by attending our free event.

Those who take action early are the ones who get rewarded while those who delay the process until it’s too late experience the consequences.

If you’re not planning for this while it’s easy, the consequences will be almost impossible to fix once it’s already happened.

Governments are about to have the time of their lives targeting cryptocurrency investors, who from our experience, are often the most poorly structured people due to lack of understanding and research in the tax implications.

They don’t consider the problem until the gains have already been made.

Most people want the CURE. Not the PREVENTION.

However, from a financial perspective this potentially creates a major problem.

Let’s use the example of a potential crypto investor scenario.

Assume you invest 10,000 AUD under your own name and that suddenly shot up to 100,000 AUD.

You’re now faced with the problem of either holding it in your account indefinitely (worried the value could decline) or withdraw and pay a fortune in CGT.

By contrast, if you were set up, correctly structured and prepared, your tax bill would be massively reduced, and in rare scenarios completely slash your tax.

Want to find out more?

Join us on this exclusive free webinar to learn how you can protect your cryptocurrencies from unlawful taxes and the government 100% legally.

Whether you’re already investing successfully in cryptocurrencies, are relatively new to it, or are thinking about getting started…

We’re confident you’ll gain incredible value from this free event.

Click below to secure your spot and make sure to invite your family and friends who are in the crypto space too.


  • An introduction to cryptocurrencies and what makes them so hard to tax
  • TOP TIPS on how to correctly structure yourself in cryptocurrencies both in Australia and the offshore world
  • Withdrawing and depositing into bank accounts, not trading in your own name, etc.
  • Bare trusts, minutes and paperwork necessary for cryptocurrencies


  • Our secret weapons we personally follow which can save you a fortune in crypto tax

Session 1 is…

“How To Set Yourself Up Right From The Start”

In this session, you’ll learn the secrets to setting yourself by using the right structures to effectively minimize taxes, protect yourself from unwanted tax bills and protect yourself for worst case scenarios.

Session 2 is…

“Further Action To Protect Your Cryptocurrencies” 

In this session, you’ll learn how to protect your assets and cryptocurrencies even further from government crackdowns, regulations or any other situation that may arise. This session will also focus on identifying potential risks that you may’ve overlooked or not even thought about.

Session 3 is…

“Q&A On Tips, Tricks and What To Look Out For”

In this session, you’ll discover the options you have if you’ve already made a substantial amount of profits but don’t know what to do how to withdraw due to the tax bill. Questions will be opened up to the audience for anything you wish to understand about the tax implications around cryptocurrencies.


Warren Black

Warren is a specialist in Australian and international taxes. He is passionate about sovereignty and freeing business owners and investors from the oppression of unjust taxes and government asset thefts 100% legally.

Warren also has a specialist expertise in common law, finances, sovereignty, offshore tax planning, and higher level tax structuring for investors and business owners. He is known for his eccentric and out-of-the-box approach to life and creative yet 100% legal ways of minimising tax for clients.


Virna White

Virna is the CEO, Managing Director and power that drives Wealth Safe forward, a licensed tax planning and accounting firm.

Her expertise in finding the optimal tax structures is undeniable. With specialised knowledge in offshore companies, share trading, cryptocurrency and more, Virna has helped thousands of successful Australians reduce their tax to effectively zero, while shielding their assets from prying governments, & keeping her clients legally protected at all times.

Being heavily involved and quite successful in cryptocurrencies herself, Virna is an expert when it comes to legally slashing taxes as well as protecting assets in this unique space.

Connor Marshall

Connor is a former personal trainer who has always had an interest in finance and investing. While doing personal training, Connor devoted all of his spare time studying business, finances and investing. He’s now performing successfully in the cryptocurrency space and is Warren Black’s investment partner, and has since been able to quit his PT business.

Connor brings the skills he learned in personal training for over 7 years to guide individuals with any level of experience to potentially generate an income from cryptocurrencies in a structured, step-by-step and well-researched approach.

Final Words

In this world, money determines the choices you have.

The more money you make, the more choices you have.

Wealth is found in every dollar you keep and save.

Hence, we’re so big on asset protection and tax minimisation.

This is a topic we’re inspired to educate on as there’s plenty of “get rich quick” schemes out there and not enough content or information on how to keep your wealth.

Specially so with cryptocurrencies and the tax implications with it being a unique space most accountants don’t understand.

Therefore, we’ve decided to take the initiative to educate on how to legally minimize your taxes and protect your cryptocurrencies from governments, the tax office and other greedy gold-diggers.

Believe me, this is information very, very few know.

And we’re presenting all of it for FREE as it’s such an important topic to cover at this time.


26 February 2022


12.30 – 3.30pm AEDT




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Our company has a strong philosophy of giving back and providing the best free service to the world so everyone has an equal opportunity to live with freedom and choice.

We follow a similar model to the likes of Google, Facebook and Youtube in that we present the best wealth education for free and trust there’ll be a few people who wish to work with us.

At the end of this online event, we’ll be giving you the opportunity to work with us.

However, even if you choose not to do anything with us we’re supremely confident you’ll gain a ton of value, information and knowledge from it.

The kind of content we’ll be sharing would generally cost a couple thousand dollars just for a consult. So trust me, you don’t want to miss this.

We don’t say that lightly. This will be a one-of-a-kind presentation around cryptocurrencies, taxes and asset protection.

For those who are serious, we’ll give the options to work with us more closely.

But again, there’s absolutely no strings attached or hardcore selling that will take place at this event.

The purpose of this online workshop is to educate and bring awareness to the real opportunities there are in cryptos to legally minimise taxes and protect your assets during all the madness.

Look forward to seeing you there!

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