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Group Mentoring Solution

Until you know how to look for opportunity in crisis, your livelihood could be at risk. Our experts educate in a balanced, structured and holistic approach on becoming sovereign in all areas of life, so even if governments or society goes feral, you’ll still be secure.


All in One Platform

To survive in the new economy, you’re going to need more than just money. It will take strength, discipline and results in all areas of life. Our trainings provides you with clarity on a whole wide range of topics including…

  • Asset Protection & Tax Minimization
  • Privacy, Off the Grid & Decentralization
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Investing in the Stock Market, Private Equity
  • Growing Your Business
  • Consciousness, Spirituality & Deeper Esoteric Mysteries
  • Life Purpose & Creating a Legacy
  • Optimizing Your Health Consciously and Alternatively
  • And more

Clarity To Make

Your Own Decisions

The goal of our group mentoring is to provide financial education to show you all the opportunities out there, how to get into them, and guide you to become self-educated so you can make your own sophisticated financial, asset protection or investment decisions rather than rely on an accountant or advisor.

We also explore health and spirituality in both a mainstream and holistic sense, plus teach you how you can apply this into your overall wealth and life plan.

Global Wealth Club

Connection With a
Progressive Community

One of the fastest ways to learn is by leveraging on others. Connect with a community of progressive-minded individuals on the same mission to achieve personal sovereignty to ask questions, make new connections and have support.

Education Structure

Webinar Schedule

WHEN: We host weekly educational & sovereignty webinars at
5.30pm AWST / 7.30pm AEST

Week 1

Hot Topic of the Month

Week 2


Week 3

Economy & Stock Market

Week 4

Quantum Financial Growth

Week 5

Special Topic (on specific months)

Other: Fortnightly health classes with a conscious GP to learn how you can optimize your health for best production, energy levels and focus.

Note: This schedule is deliberately kept fluid, and will change if there’s an important world event or topic to update on.


Group Mentoring Solutions

Priority email responses to your questions
Lifetime access to the full structured self-guided Ignite membership program
12 months access to live weekly high-level group mentoring sessions with our experts to learn about achieving sovereignty in all areas of life
Live fortnightly health trainings with a conscious GP to accelerate your productivity
Invitation to special client-only webinars from time to time
Access to members-only telegram group to engage with other members, ask questions and have support
10% members-discount for any future purchases

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This Is For You If You’re…

Relatively new to the concept of building & protecting wealth

Ready to become sovereign but need a solid starting point

Want to get educated first before deciding what to do next

Thrive in a live and engaging learning environment

Desire to connect with a like-minded progressive community

Overall confident in your ability to implement things by yourself

Not concerned with protecting your assets at this stage

Still gathering funds to invest but keen to start making a big change

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