New Federal Budget

New Federal Budget Announced Transcript

So that’s what I expect from Albanese. Government is basically no lock, focused on the wrong areas, looking to a future of their utopia from the born of the rural mentality, not a vision of what Australia taking the big risks, telling the rest of the world to don’t just take our raw materials, take a product from us, and that sort of stuff.

And there’s none of that vision in the budget at all.

Like I was saying, tonight is the officially Australian federal budget night, where they share their revenue and expenditure plans. There’s already been a few things coming out, I believe, so I’d like to hear your opinion, Stephen.

What are you anticipating and what are you noticing with that plan?

Jim Chalmers has already said that he’s going to channel his best four peating, so that pretty much means that the Labour rights, the non-contributors to our economy, will do the best.

And if you’re a small business person, expect to get hammered or have just nothing in it for you. So you might go forward and might go backward, but not having any changes means you’re going backwards.

We’re already seeing how Labour are going to operate the country and it’s pretty much for their mates and for everyone else, which is what every government does.

But the problem with this is it drives us more and more into a socialistic society, rather than a society that’s built on value and value creation, and that’s the big thing.

So we already know that. I’m just trying to look and see if there’s any numbers come through.

They’re going to try and make childcare cheaper and they’re trying to make what was the other one, the other big one they are looking at with women in the workplace by throwing money at it. 

And most of the women that we’ve got employed in our business, it’s not the money that brings them in, it’s the flexibility in how they can work. 

We’ve got one of our accounts ladies, she only wants to work between ten and two every day, but she’s happy to do it six days a week, right? And that’s what she wants, so she can drop the kids off the school, come into the office and go and pick up the kids.

And I think I just saw a comment there that Sophie said, ‘I chose to stay at home’.

So did my mother, she was a stay at home mum and a lot of that is moral choice and family choice, but Labour and most governments at the moment, they just rolled at the people that are non-productive people that they can just get under their control.

The other thing we’re going to see is a further massive slide to these renewables. Staff we’re already starting to see it in what their liaison liasing with in the media, with the things like the cable, what the mariner cable between Tasmania and Victoria? 

$2 billion or more. It’s probably going to cost a lot more than that in to build these cables between Tasmania and Victoria so they can build wind farms in Tasmania because the Victorians don’t want them in their state.

Well, that doesn’t make sense. So you’re going to have massive energy losses and everything now, so a lot of this stuff just doesn’t make sense, it’s just massive handouts.

So the other thing is it’ll be interesting to see. I’m just trying to see what they’re talking about probably too early about the stage three tax cuts. Where they’re going to attach them and as we’ve said in previous episodes. 

The stage three tax cuts aren’t about the tax cut. They’re about stopping bracket quick. They’re about stopping they’re saying that we’re going to hammer. Cross delivering. We’re going to do this. We’re going to do that.

It’s about stopping people moving up into higher and higher tax brackets through all this real wage growth they keep talking about, well, if you want real wage growth, stop inflation.

The government’s once again, government induced inflation is most of the problem.

And now we’ve got a double whammy with the floods again. We’ve had three years in a row now with floods that are causing problems with supply chain issues, transportation, with food and other bits and pieces not being able to move between the states, which just all adds to it and I just get wild half the time on a lot of the stuff.

Yeah. What about Albanese, what are your thoughts on him with his knowing how he’s summoning the task force? Does he have actually one of his plans for Australia is the marginal…

Albanese’s Plans for the Future 

Largely there is no plan. They went to the election with nothing apart from platitude to saying we’re going to fix this, we’re going to fix that and we’re going to lower power. 

They can’t do any of that, they’re going to fix real wages. Well, the only way to do that is get government out of the system, not put more government into it. So he has no plan.

If you have a look again that the summits and task force were a big thing under the Rudd government and to an effect, they’re a fairly big thing under the Hawk and Keating government.

But at least the Hawk and Keating government actually did reform, they actually had the balls to actually do the reform. And if you have a look at the difference between the Hawk Keating, that will pretty much the right government of the time, where now Albo charmers and the like are very green, very left.

So it’s all about social policies. I would love to say that we saw a lot of stuff coming out of the summit. There’s another task for some renewable energy, there’s a task force on manufacturing.

These jab fests never do anything, they just put money in the hands of the lobbyists and make big corporations feel good. Nothing tangible ever comes out of it.

The jobs summit, nothing’s come out of it that we didn’t already know. You need to put emphasis into training and education and actually skilling people.

One of the biggest things that happened in this country under John Howard, and it was really the wrong way to go at the time, it seemed like the right way was basically this drive in the Western world that everyone should go to university, that everyone needs a university degree.

And basically what that does is all it sets people up for is a job in the public service.

Because where the real jobs are in the economy are actually not in the university educated positions. They’re mechanics, they’re electricians, they’re trades people, they’re chefs.

You don’t go to university for all that. A lot of it. You go through trade schools, through vet training, and they’re the skills now that we’ve really got trouble with, because you got all these people out there that think that I’ve got a university degree, well, we can’t use it.

They’re just a very highly skilled bartender. And that’s even becoming a problem now because bars aren’t opening. Your union is a big waste of time for a lot of people.

Look, if you’re going to become a doctor, you’re going to become a scientist or someone like that. Yeah, university is great. Why go to university? Why go to get a political science degree? To get an art degree. Why do you need an art degree? Come on.

Work at an art gallery, study history and that sort of stuff, but they don’t. But things like nursing and all that sort of stuff, now they’re really making it a university degree where it shouldn’t make the most vets and all that sort of stuff.

A lot of it can be more done hands on and that sort of stuff. And that’s one of the things we’re launching next year in our aviation business, especially, is a new institute of aerospace to train the next generation of all aerospace related jobs, but from a vet and apprenticeship based thing, that’s how we’re going to fix the economy.

The other thing is what we need is more and more people to fix the economy, who are entrepreneurial, who are going to take over businesses and make them expand.

I can’t remember what the number is now, but out of the top $10 billion, I forget what the numbers are. It’s like 85 or 90% of them are all college dropouts. And when I say college, it’s not dropping out in year three or something when you have six months to go, they’re dropping out six months after getting in because they’re going, well, this is not going to get me my dream, dropping out to go for their dream.

So that’s what we need more of is risktakers, and I think we’ve said this before, is we’re now no longer a country of risk takers where everyone wants a comfortable job. And that’s what the bureaucracies are growing because people want the safe, secure job. 

Our budget is going to be the same thing. Priority area here. So priority area 485,000,000 for university places, just what we don’t need, but only 180,000 TAFE places.

So they’re going to spend more money on university places than Tafe places where we actually need the money. It’s becoming a joke.

Electricity prices are still going up. People, they’ve just said that it’ll be another 20% for the rest of this year and 30% for next year. So there you go.

So your electricity is going to double basically. And that’s the government’s own numbers. 

Yeah, there you go. The cost of living is going through the roof now.

Yeah. The other thing is if you’re running your own business, you’re controlling your own wages and that way you can expand the pie so you’ve got more money to live on, to keep up with inflation and so on and so forth, and you’re contributing back into the community and so forth and so on.


Out of interest, what do you personally think is the reason why governments are driving a lot of people to university and trying to get rid of those independent, self-sufficient and self-motivated people? Why do you think they would be wanting more people to go to uni and TAFE and all?

You just said it because normally people that are tradesmen in that and who go through the vet training are self-motivated, self-supporting, have a vision for what they want to create.

They tend to not be lefty in nature. They tend to actually have moral values. They tend to have a code that they live by where if you have a look at most university students these days. They got no moral code. They don’t have an understanding of history in the past. 

A lot of that’s because it’s just, one that’s not being taught to us and you’re just creating a whole heap of basically dumb people. This is really, really telling. We got 140 applications for a pilot, for some pilot positions and we needed out of that out of 140, and the job is fairly specific, you got to have this, this and this.

Out of 140, about 80 didn’t qualify as in they did have the minimum requirements for the job. So that just goes to show you that there’s a lot of people out there who are wanting a career in this industry, which is great for us.

So we put all those people on a waitlist and all that sort of stuff and come back to us when you meet the minimum requirements.

Out of the next lot, so basically the next 50%, there was pretty much half of them didn’t want to leave the cities, they didn’t want to come because the jobs that we’ve got are in regional areas and they didn’t want to do that. 

Out of what then we had out of the other 50%. And we’re now down the quarter of the applicants, about 35 or something, 20 of them will get jobs at varying degrees. Some of them are going to go and do training, some of them are going to go line check, but a big chunk of them did have basic life skills.

Cooking, cleaning, doing their own washing. And these are things that we need because these pilots are going to go live on cattle stations, they’re going to go live in remote bases, working alongside emergency services, doing medical evacuation.

Some of these people had come and it was telling. The ones the pilots that had done the university aviation course were the ones that didn’t have much of a lifestyle, the ones that had scraped and scrapped and worked at McDonald’s and done their training hour by hour by hour.

They’re the ones that had the life skills and they’re the ones that we ended up in flight, mainly a couple of the university ones we employed. But it’s really telling how a big difference is between the two streams. 

So that’s what I expect from Albanese  Government is basically no law. Focus on the wrong areas, looking to a future of their utopia from the born, the rural mentality, not a vision of what Australia should be, taking the big risks, telling the rest of the world to don’t just take our raw materials, take a product from us and that sort of stuff.

And there’s none of that vision in the budget at all. The other thing is Labour still living in the blame game world. One of the lines that you keep hearing is the liberals left us a trillion dollars in debt. Well, a third of it was taken over from when Labour was in last time, so that’s carry over the actual trillion dollars doesn’t happen. And that’s a gross debt situation or a net debt situation. 

So that really doesn’t happen until 20, 26, 27 if it happens at all. And I reckon with the next line that we’re going to talk about the balance of payments that Australia is going to have that will reduce some of this if they don’t go and blow it on doing stupid green ideas.

One of the ones that I have seen is the coalition put in place a water plan for 23 water infrastructure projects. I’m trying to see if it’s going to come up in the budget, but apparently Labour is going to get rid of all of them.

Bar two, and they’re the two that are just about completed. So we need that water during the situation we’re in now. We should be harvesting as much as this floodwater as we can, so we can irrigate crops and we can water our lawns, wash our cars as we go forward.

Water is the lifeblood of this country. You need it for industry, you need it for power generation, what’s needed. And when I say power generation, real power generation, not that stupid stuff that they think with unicorn farts and fairy floss. Yeah.

And Sophie just made a comment, this is crazy, and they try to destroy Australia. I think that’s another statement saying it’s crazy. 

It’s insane and it’s going worse every time I look up. At the moment in the Budget is all about the debt, and at the moment there’s no black figures coming up, so it’s all pretty negative.

But once again, this is what Labour is good at as well, is they’re very good at creating a story that’s been focus group within an inch of its life. So those people out there that basically live in Twitter land or headline land, which is most of the people in the country, because they’re trying to get kids to school and go off and jump on the train and go to work, they only ever read the headlines on that.

That’s what Labour are very, very good at and the Conservatives need to get good at it, but it’s never going to happen. 

That’s the other one. Six months paid for parental leave man, that’s going to set a lot of businesses broke. A lot of businesses broke purely and simply because you got someone away for six months. How do you fill their job with someone temporary than when the other person comes back? You’ll tell them to go away, then they take it as a Fair Work commission because they’re being employed for more than three months and you can’t get rid of them. 

So now you’re going to end up hiring two people when you’ve really probably only got enough work for three quarters.

Anyway, these are the silly things that are going to come out of the Budget or next week. We’ll do a bit of a roundup of the headlines of what’s coming out.