Economy Update – Week 10

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[02:20] What’s the latest 11 days into 2022?

[04:56] What interesting things do you foresee in this year going forward?

[11:27] Were you aware that Israel conducted a “War Game Simulation” on the collapse of the Global Financial System with 10 countries?

[13:12] I know a lot of people are watching what’s happening in Israel, are you one of those?

[14:39] How do you store precious metals? And who would you bank with Australian in terms of security deposits?

[17:46] With the FED increasing rates, will that put us into a recession? And how would that affect the cryptocurrencies market?

[19:31] How much physical cash should we have around for the next few months?

[20:35] Does it make sense to borrow from bank to buy a property to rent out?

[21:37] Is there going to be an economic turnaround? What’s this year going to come up with?

[22:46] Do you believe the Plandemic will end soon or will it continue indefinitely?

[25:28] It’s going back to kind of knowing your community, going back to localities, and supporting the locals, isn’t it?

[26:26] Have you heard when the QFS is coming in?

[28:53] And looking forward to you this year, you’re doing mentorship with people. So, I’m looking forward to that.

[29:39] Who do you think will win the Australian election?