Economy Update – Week 11

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[00:28] Introduction

[02:23] Why would they be fighting when they’ve got the money and the control?

[04:00] How do you teach the masses that we have the voting problem?

[05:56] How can we trust the system when there is such corruption?

[06:47] Is it because there’s someone’s pulling the strings behind the scenes on these political parties?

[07:24] I really love to know what your thoughts with Pauline Hanson?

[11:55] What’s your thoughts on United Australian party? Will they act with integrity?

[14:23] What’s your thought on Riccardo Bosi?

[15:29] Are you going to run for an office?

[15:50] The sidelines you like is teaching people how to invest and you do mentorship for people.

[16:35] Talking about investment, there’s been talk about the great wealth transfer. Do you see this too?

[21:17] What is business in the first place?

[21:33] Where do you find businesses for sale?

[26:00] What’s the latest news you’ve heard of what banks are planning?

[28:00] In regards to all the mandates happening, and what’s happening in the workforce, everyone is resigning, isn’t it?

[29:33] What do you think regarding the possibility of rigged election results?

[31:46] Where do D students end?