Economy Update – Week 12

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[00:18] Introduction

[01:26] What made you get into politics at 16?

[03:03] How did the government get away with the lies they try to tell?

[10:02] This is the most important election ever, would you agree to that?

[10:40] What sources do you rely on for your intelligence?

[12:10] Is there a quick guide on how to vote effectively for the minor parties? Something we can share with friends as well.

[14:33] How can we track our electorates to see what their voting habits are so we target electorates that are easier to swing? Closer to voting time.

[15:35] What groups and types of people donate to political parties?

[17:00] Do you think the UAP will do what they are set out to do, be the alternate party to liberal and labor this election?

[17:55] Let’s talk about “Advancing Ourselves Getting Above the Noise”. Do you want to talk about that? getting ahead this year.

[21:02] Most people find that they don’t know what they want, so where do you begin?

[22:18] Take full advantage of the lockdowns and really reflect, have a look and revise your life.

[23:03] Have you found more Australians are pushing back against mandates?

[23:14] How’s Queensland going with green passports? WA is bringing them in now.

[24:44] Are you planning to move offshore soon?

[26:00] Can you give us a summary of what your mentoring is?

[27:26] Are votes counted in China?

[29:18] What’s your prediction for the US Midterm?