Economy Update – Week 13

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[00:17] Introduction

[00:38] What’s the latest updates globally?

[03:34] How do we prepare ourselves for the next war?

[05:56] Never let a good crisis go to waste.

[07:58] Rather than being angry about the whole thing, let’s just be observant, and be calm, and let’s see how we can do and strategize.

[11:31] What’s the difference between the constitution and common law?

[14:25] Let’s have a look at immigration by investment.

[16:29] What does it mean by having citizenship program for those who don’t know what it is?

[17:48] Having two (or more) passports gives you a lot more choices.

[18:27] Is there such a thing as a stable country and a safe place to go to, to move to?

[20:05] What about the normal mums and dads, is there any chance for them?

[25:38] How can the unjabbed get out of Australia and fly offshore?

[26:56] War will mean opportunities, won’t it? How do you find opportunities when these things are happening?

[31:29] How about you Stephen, are you going to stay here, in Australia, with us?

[31:50] Can you tell us where you want to go Stephen?

[32:45] You mentioned having two passports is a double-edged sword. What do you mean by that?

[33:55] What about South Korea, would it be different?