Economy Update – Week 14

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[01:05] Introduction

[02:23] Tell us about Riccardo Bosi.

[03:31] How does Riccardo Bosi build his momentum to reach the quota?

[05:37] Where’s the money for a good Senate Campaign coming from?

[06:11] Let’s have a look at the trucker that’s happening in Canada.

[09:05] It’s interesting, Julie says there are approximately 300,000 trucks in Canberra now.

[09:38] What impact do you reckon this could bring, if they’re looking at a million this weekend?

[12:05] Is National Liberal Party imploding?

[14:33] Is Morrison doing what he can to survive?

[15:17] Is there anything happening in the freedom movement?

[15:54] Will the election have any influence to get rid of McGowan?

[16:19] What is the massive impact economically and business wise, what’s going to happen to the small business mums & dads?

[20:40] How do you see the residential sector going in the property market?

[21:28] Aren’t we in real trouble if Labor wins election? Because the toughest states here – WA, Victoria & Queensland are all labor.

[23:17] If there’s no jobs happening in Australia, where are the jobs going?

[23:46] It sounds like Australia is in trouble in the next few years in that case. Would you agree?

[24:29] Is there any way that we can turn that scenario around?

[28:05] One motivator says, “Guess what, you’re not a tree, you can move.

[31:29] Several adjoining beef cattle properties have been bought by one business (no one knows who) in one area in Southern Central Queensland offering insane amounts of money per acre. People are selling because of the huge dollars offered. Some, thankfully are not. So would you know what is going on there?

[37:07] So again, everything comes back to politics. You must understand this.