Economy Update – Week 17

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[01:52] Introduction

[02:11] What is going on in Canada?

[05:51] Will that kind of High Court in New Zealand throwing out jab mandates come into surface in Australia?

[07:29] What’s your thoughts on the Common Law groups? There’s a few movements out there in Australia, what’s the impact on it?

[09:56] Winners here are lawyers, right?

[10:09] What’s the latest in Ukraine?

[20:17] There had to be a reason of the massive disparity which is going to create that massive drive to the end of the empire with the west?

[21:02] It’s the end of the western empire, just like Rome.

[22:00] Is North Korea part of the group of nations you’ve predicted to be the next power force?

[26:56] What about the theory that Ukraine is being invaded for its links to corrupt deep state financial interests?

[30:21] Why is Turkey a possibility, as you’ve predicted Stephen, isn’t their economy a shit show?

[31:26] Geographically Turkey’s strategically important.

[32:36] Let’s talk about the political ads.