Economy Update – Week 18

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[02:55] Introduction

[03:15] How was the economy this week, and the last week in Ukraine?

[07:08] How is that working for them? Does that mean Western countries are left behind?

[08:22] How does the sanction of the west taking the assets of Russian oligarchs work?

[11:13] What are your thoughts on what Russia is doing with the internet because that’s something that we’re reliant on?

[12:49] You mentioned about how this will start the next World War, do you have a timeframe for that?

[16:05] What’s Putin’s chance of winning and what he wants to do?

[17:48] Let’s have a look at the energy prices rise.

[20:25] Who’s benefiting with all these price rises?

[21:57] With that happening, it leads us to really supporting our local projects, and getting focused on our local production.

[25:16] When are we going to have batteries and reasonable prices for solar home to off grid?

[27:33] Can you say those options again, was it redox? Something for solar panel?

[28:31] How sure are you Stephen, of your prediction with this next World War?

[30:25] Would the probability of war go up with the assassination of Putin and Turkey closing the Bosphorus?