Economy Update – Week 20

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00:18 Introduction

00:29 Let’s talk about the South Australian Election.

08:07 It sounds like there’s an algorithm in itself.

09: That is why they really need the media in that case

10:26 Stephen, what about the global scene?

13:08 Ukraine’s Social Credit Scheme Bill is going to impact globally.

13:45 So how do I choose the sovereignty then in that case, so there’s no more sovereignty?

14:13 So there’s no way their backing up for the citizens?

18:40 So, Philippines is a good place Stephen?

19:37 Let’s go back to the economy, what about the US dollars?

21:41 What happens if you were paying stuff in US dollars?
24:09 Would you recommend businesses don’t sell the goods and services is USD?

25:00 Someone wants to know which Asian countries can we get passport in?

27:06 One of my sons is asking me, whether it’s easy for them to get a Filipino passport.

33:59 So you’re actually publicly denouncing any connection to Russia?