Economy Update – Week 21

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00:18 Introduction

01:39 The ECash Act Bill

04:21 The Billionaire’s Tax Bill

11:26 The 80-20 rule

14:52 What’s your thoughts on the budget?

20:06 Why do we have 50% spend on government fees & charges when we build a house?

27:56 Simple principle of investing really, bringing the cash flow.

28:43 Let’s go global, what’s the latest with the war?

32:24 If not the Russians who have blown up Ukraine, who do you think are doing it?

33:32 Why do you think Putin’s playing a different game to the US and Iran?

37:01 If Putin’s going to starve the people, it will have a domino effect every country around Europe?

38:12 That means, you’re not allowed to disagree with them because of that bill, at all?

40:33 So would you say, a war would be a great wealth transfer?

42:15 What about the UN? What’s the latest there?

42:12 You said India will be the largest economy on the planet on the new empire. Are they going to be larger than China?

48:13 Be sovereign and start looking into all of these things.