Economy Update – Week 22

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03:53 Introduction

04:06 The budget of election

15:21 Will labor get around by opening up visa classes?

19:20 What’s your view on the possibility of a Hung Parliament?

23:43 Election is just around the corner.

25:13 With your view on the Hung Parliament Stephen, would it be a catalyst for change or beginnings of change?

26:24 What’s your thoughts on the appointment of the police commissioner as the next governor Beazley?

28:26 If Alba and the Labor get in the next election, Bill Shorten will create a leadership spiel. Why is nobody talking about this?

30:40 Would you see any conditions under which the whole system dissolves and we begin a new?

35:02 What about your view on politicians second passports being canceled?

38:05 The Economy update

42:37 Is that the main reason the PM was meddling in the change of CEO recently?

47:46 Let’s talk about the war and the global economy.

52:59 Would those countries abstaining from voting at the UN, be affected with the One World Government?

54:25 When does hyper inflation hit with all the spending? Energy costs supply disruptions?

57:00 Is there a hope with all this news?

59:18 The timeline of authoritarianism