Economy Update – Week 24

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0:17 Introduction

07:31 For someone who’s new, can you explain what’s ESG?

08:33 What you’re saying is the old empire is using that ESG?

10:53 Who will take the politicians to the high court?

20:13 It’s scary Stephen, particularly from year 3 and upward being masked at school. What kind of generation are we growing up?

23:36 Indoctrination of the leftists & corporations.

24:11 Tell us the update on the global economy.

28:57 Why we can’t buy kerosene fridges in Australia?

32:50 With all this rationing, what’s the latest with the elite?

34:01 One rule for them, another rule for everyone else.

34:21 Tell us about Elon Musk, what’s going on with twitter?

40:42 How does turmoil impact us and everywhere else?

44:32 Let’s have a look at the election season.

51:13 Let’s talk about Politics.

54:14 The polls in Australia show 29% of Australians want to vote for minor parties. Did you see that? Is a Hung Parliament possible?

57:39 Where do you find/check minor parties preferences?