Economy Update – Week 25

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10:45 Why has the Australian government canceled the drone program?

14:38 What’s happening to the economy in the hometown first?

20:43 What’s the global economy update?

23:22 The global growth will be slowing down due to the war between Russia & America.

24:56 What’s the latest in France?

31:39 How’s your crypto learnings?

33:30 What’s happening with Elon Musk?

37:56 Do you think twitter can expand as big as Facebook?

40:21 Elon wants to take over both the offline and online world.

48:57 How do you tell where candidates based their preferences, especially independent?

51:07 Is there such thing as an undecided voter?

56:48 How are the UAP polling?

01:08:48 Do you think Alba really had Covid or they pulled him out to keep the heat off him?