Economy Update – Week 26

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01:32 Introduction

11:19 Why did they dump truckloads of avocados in Northern Queensland recently?

12:25 They’re importing avocados in New Zealand?

15:52 What about the leads, taking the border security?

19:51 His local council is proposing a 35% increase in council rates this year.

21:51 What are you saying with the five people you hang out with?

22:19 Tell us about Labor’s housing policy.

26:22 Let’s go to the global economy

32:48 Should we be moving to Russia?

33:02 The hate for Russia has calm down?

35:04 What’s going to happen to Australia?

37:38 The left only had censorship as an instrument for their leads?

39:02 Has the EU banned Twitter?

40:56 How can you penetrate through the truth, Stephen?

48:12 How about the voting preferences … are we to vote the majors last, or vote them out? What’s the difference?

50:46 Only difficulty is where to put the fake independents