Economy Update – Week 27

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00:50 Introduction

01:21 Why is it you think it’s the most underwhelming election campaign you’ve seen so far?

08:48 How do you find your C candidates on the AEC?

13:02 For us in Perth, would putting Pauline first and Clive second be a smarter vote as far as the vote meaning something?

15:06 How does preferencing work in the Senate? Is it the voter’s choice or the party voted first that decides?

19:11 Is there anything special about this election?

24:10 Can you explain the “Climate 200 Group of Independents”?

29:57 Is an informal vote invalid?

30:07 Can we vote online?

31:11 What else have you got to share for this election weekend?

32:46 What happens to those of us who live in rural areas and can’t get to town due to rain or flooding?

34:15 About scrutineering, how long does it take, from 6pm Saturday onwards?

35:56 How many vote counters are there per booths?

37:17 Let’s go in a business question, how much debt does Australia have?

39:22 Are they addressing labor shortages?

42:32 Why is Australia the largest tax haven in the world?

45:26 What’s the percentage awareness that we are the problem?

47:26 I’ve been seeing Clive Palmer around, so will his UAP cap mortgage interest rate hold up?

50:13 Can you give us your call on the actual outcome of this election?

53:04 Is there any plans for Medicare with this election?

53:56 What about aged care?

59:28 Would you explain Recall Rights?

01:02:30 Which parties support a federal ICAC?

01:04:00 Why have major parties banned corporate donations?