Economy Update – Week 28

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01:15 What were the telltale signs that you picked up on that when you thought Labor was going to win?

09:37 Now that the election is over, what do you see in the future with Labor in charge?

18:39 What things can business owners and investors do now that we’re moving more into the Labor government, or more of the socialist type government? What can they do to help themselves become part of that 20%?

22:32 How about you Warren, is there anything you would say to people that are business owners or investors going through this period that are striving for that 20%?

38:02 Something that I was going to ask you Stephen – where can you see opportunities opening up? Because in times of crisis, you always see opportunities present themselves.

43:29 What are your thoughts on New South Wales and the Victoria election we have coming up later in the year? Any predictions as to what you guys see happening?