Economy Update – Week 29

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00:49 Introduction

01:22 Update on the local economy

02:35 What is the effect of that backlog on the business for them?

09:57 Update on fuel

19:52 What’s the latest in the global economy?

24:45 What’s your views of Indonesia’s prospects economically?

28:34 With all these different waves of viruses. What’s the latest with World Health Organization?

32:12 If they’re trying to take control of our health system, how do we push back?

34:38 What happens with the World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting?

43:38 Banks obsolete with IMF’s, SDR, CBDC?

45:26 Isn’t the financial credit system different to a social credit system?

46:40 What about the Quantum Financial System and changing the way we bank?

57:46 Update on Politics