Economy Update – Week 30

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00:17 Introduction

15:26 What’s your outlook for the next few years? Do you think the same way with Warren, that we are inevitably heading in some pretty harsh economic conditions?

25:16 Wen we initially had all those lockdowns, essentially that was everyone going out for a good time and having drinks, right now, it’s kind of like the hangover is just starting to kick in. Is that kind of what you’re getting up?

35:25 What’s the better yielding assets?

36:23 Where’s the best place to put your money?

37:35 We all believe the market crash is caused by the debt load and this has been engineered. Do you think that the FED will continue to raise interest rates?

39:42 I hear a lot of people say right now, “Cash is king at this time”. Is that kind of what you’re saying with that? Just having the capital sidelines for the right time?