Economy Update – Week 31

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00:17 Introduction

07:45 Do you think we’d get more compliance and people wanting to pay, probably happier paying higher amounts of taxes, if we had a say on what actually that tax money was spent on?

18:10 What are your thoughts on long term with super funds? Is that something you see being secure heading into the next decade or 20 odd years?

22:15 Why are they not managing this risk of super funds then?

25:05 Is super funds & self managed super funds different to you?

26:43 You were talking about the fees that some of these super funds charge? What about self managed super funds?

30:07 Seeing there is a massive amount of money in super funds, it’s inevitable that the government will be looking at doing something to take that money away in some way. What do you think?

33:06 What would you do with the extra money if it was outside super? Would the returns potentially be higher even if you have to pay a higher level of tax? Or is it better to put the money into a savings plan that buy assets that are likely to grow over time?

33:42 Do you think there’s a possibility that with the way things are now, we could see something like bank bail-in in the next 5-10 years?

39:55 Who do the governments owe their money to if every government is in debt?

49:23 Is the biggest forex market under threat with world crisis?

53:19 Thoughts on the Vanguard EFT?

53:55 Do they have a general basket of ones that you can invest within Vanguard or is it that not how it works?