Economy Update – Week 32

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02:39 Introduction

03:22 How’s your trip to Thailand going?

05:22 So with the countries you said the main areas for tourism, can you go back through those again?

05:40 So with those countries as the main areas for tourism for Thailand, do they still have some restrictions on travel then?

08:07 Are they enforcing it harder at the resort, or they’re just kind of mentioning it, because they’ve been told to?

10:19 Is this why you’re telling everyone you’ve got plans to go to Russia after this?

11:53 Have you met with anyone else besides some people from Russia? Are there any countries you’ve had the chance to talk to?

14:14 That flat tax rate, is that for everyone? That’s like your income tax rate.

15:17 How are the things going on in Russia right now? Is there a scarcity of supplies with the war going on in the sanctions? What is that looking like?

16:48 How are we viewed in Australia right now by some of these counties of the people that you’ve spoken to?

20:27 With some of the people you’re meeting, their countries aren’t as bad as Australia. Do you see a lot of commonalities playing out with some other countries as well, in terms of citizens being worried about their governments and things like that?

23:51 If WA becomes independent to the rest of Australia, there’s gonna be pros & cons to something like that, right?

33:59 Talking about cafes – given the upcoming financial climate, would you sat it’s a good investment to get into (on the Gold Coast)?

35:09 Does Warren have any other comments or insights about travel between countries or airports/ airlines? In terms of restrictions or “requirements”?

38:50 How could you prevent the government from snowballing to what we have now?