Economy Update – Week 33

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00:17 Introduction

01:05 How was your trip in Darwin? Have you done any more wheeling & dealing?

04:09 So where do we begin to earn that business that pays $100 million?

11:42 The key factor of having the control is to let go of ownership. You’d rather own a little bit but have the control over them.

12:19 If we look at the Cashflow Quadrant, what we want to be is on the right side.

14:49 What’s happening globally?

24:31 What’s the statistics like migrating into America. Has that increase?

25:33 What’s your thoughts on the economy of Australia?

26:56 How are you gonna go with the salary, since we’ve got pretty high salary and superannuation and all that? How are you going to get around to that having a production & manufacturing here?

29:34 When you look at it, even businesses online, you’ve got AI, everything is automated. So, whether we like it or not, we are in technology and all businesses are going to move into that.

33:08 Why don’t we use government owned land and lease it to industry?

45:11 What’s the hope for the city slickers?

47:02 Look at Bill Gates, how much farm did he buy in America?