Economy Update – Week 35

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00:17 Introduction

01:03 The Qantas airways having many staff cut down because of COVID. I wouldn’t want to be in his position.

2:14 If it’s just a matter of turning the pen and turning around, why is it so difficult for them?

07:15 How do you find opportunities Stephen? Because everyone can see the negative side and you seem to find deals everywhere?

10:23 What about people who don’t have enough money to use for deals and opportunities?

12:50 The food and mouth issue. In your view, Is it a bio weapon, next phase of the madness or a natural phenomena?

15:14 What’s the latest in the rising interest rates?

18:09 What local news can you tell us Stephen before we go overseas?

19:53 It’s really frustrating when people won’t investigate the science of germ theory Vs terrain theory. When you look at the science of germ theory it’s a fairy-tale science. No viruses ever have been isolated / purified to prove they exist. You can’t get a virus from another animal to a human even if you are the animal. Virus are specific to species & can’t come outside the body they’re solvents that mop up toxins that our body removes through illness. It’s all about fear just like COVID, monkey pox virus, hand foot & mouth virus, all sorts of virus.

30:27 Isn’t this topic just helping one another. This was how it was growing up for me but now not so much. When I help people, they do not know how to react as they have not known this support.

32:39 When did corporations start out?

34:48 You’ve heard of the influences these days in business. Where would that sit in corporation?

36:40 Difference between capitalism and corporatism. Can you elaborate more on that?

33:41 What about businesses that set up proper structures, company trusts and things out there? Where would that fall?

38:34 Behind that there’s be a lot of influencing that drives the political arena.

42:26 We’re talking about the EU, Stephen, what about the Tories party membership?