Economy Update – Week 36

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00:17 Introduction

01:21 How was the weather and business in Darwin?

02:59 If you were to buy properties in Darwin, would it be as high as all the other states?

07:51 Isn’t that an Aussie dream to own your own home?

08:59 So what’s another way for someone who is interested in investing , but doesn’t know how to do it and they could never get themselves started?

11:51 What’s the latest economy in the Aussie land?

18:51 South Africa Apartheid System

21:41 For the rest of the world that don’t really look at Australia, what do you think that is? Is it parliamentary ministers or is it without resources?

25:18 How do you find online businesses to invest in?

29:52 Let’s go global

37:05 What’s happening in Argentina?

38:46 How did the locals of Argentina live if the Argentinian peso was worthless?

39:34 Does it mean the crime in Argentina has soared as well?

52:31 Do you think good old recession-proof businesses are the best investment for income diversification or emerging tech?