Economy Update – Week 37

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00:17 Introduction

01:46 How is it panning out this week? I’ve heard in ABC News today, that there’s not just petrol oil rise, but there’s the cooking oil rise as well?

05:11 Talking about politics, what’s with the Climate Bill?

08:47 What will happen with the people who rely on Centerlink since it’s gone?

11:05 With all these waves happening Stephen, I can imagine the share market must be going crazy.

12:48 What’s happening globally Stephen, in the economic scene?

17:30 Would you buy a transport business, if the opportunity arise at this given point?

19:04 What’s your view on crypto replacing currency with reference to the ability to move funds around the world?

21:06 Wellcamp Airport in Toowoomba say they are going to begin transporting fruits and vegetables to Asia. If the market cannot get the people to pick these items, how does this work?

22:41 What would change if any of the Trump got back in by the end of the year or mid-year 2023, with global changes happen?

26:18 Well, like there’s kind of mandates, There’s job losses hitting the courts, isn’t it? The workers are winning court cases in religious grounds in the US?

28:39 Where would you store precious metals?

29:13 Going back to the government, how would that work for Australia if the government loses 43% of their budget?

30:44 What about in Canada? Canada starts fertilizer bans.

33:57 Are fertiliser and nitrogen bans coming to Australia?

35:14 What is your take on the great reset, stating that you will own nothing but be happy? I don’t believe the super rich will pay for you for doing nothing. Unless you are working for them in some capacity, am I on the right thought process?

37:34 Tell us about the UK veterinarian.

43:26 What’s the point of having government, then?

47:01 What’s happening in Great Barrier Reef?