Economy Update – Week 38

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00:17 Introduction

02:14 I noticed this week that petrol has come down. So, things are coming down in prices?

05:41 Only the city is really affected? All the city workers are just staying at home and working from home?

06:34 What would you say to those who have business in the city area?

08:30 Why do you reckon you lose more deals if you don’t do it face to face?

09:49 With the rise of activists law cases at the moment, what’s the latest on the climate policy that you have talked on before?

13:17 What’s the real intention of the activist campaigners?

22:49 Let’s go globally

25:33 What better ways are there to support the Indigenous community?

28:23 What’s the latest with China & Russia?

32:37 I heard that US have become a police state.

38:08 You mentioned about Argentina that interest rates sky-rocketed.

41:15 With all this catastrophe and everything happening, what kind of good news can you give us, for us running our own business? Where do we go? Would we just concentrate on what we’re doing in our business?

42:57 Having a business to have five independent revenue streams, the same thing as what you teach people about balancing your portfolio?

48:41 Do you see the government weaponizing the ATO like doing that the US is doing, weaponizing the Internal Revenue Service resulting in the destruction of small business?

51:15 I have been seeing some stuff that the Chinese economy is crumbling off the back end of mortgage repayments not being paid. And people not being able to withdraw money from banks, amongst other things. So, is there any substance to this or just Western media playing games?

56:52 I assume the shooting in Canberra will be now an opportunity to tighten up gun laws get rid of guns. So what are your thoughts on this?

59:09 What are your thoughts on Russia and China joining forces for a new currency?

59:16 Where does Africa fit into all these with its mineral wealth?

01:00:18 Recently Australia passes the bank bail-in law quietly. And with the Aussie banks exposed to 50 trillion in derivatives, can you see a bank bail in or Cyprus style on deposits when things go bad around 2026?

01:03:49 Any last thoughts?