Economy Update – Week 39

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00:17 Introduction

02: The first point that I wanted to ask was around shortages, especially around houses. So, the stuff around housing costs and all that, do you think that’s a natural trend? Or is it a government induced around housing shortages and the costs of it?

05:38 Is that because, you say government’s just taking over property market, and that’s pretty much where it’s been affected?

07:35 What are your current thoughts around the skill shortages with international workers, people finding jobs? Is that also government induced or it’s just a different society?

10:12 What do you think is the reason the governments are telling them away? Do you think it’s just stupidity or is there an actual logical reason behind that?

13:10 Do you have any anticipations or time limit when you think government will change the way that the international work is being traded, or there’s probably always been hard to put a limit on that?

15:19 Could you share a little bit on Albo losing sight and controlling the parliament as well as the witch hunt on Morrison?

21:55 Could you quickly summarize the difference between an opposition leader vs the Prime Minister?

27:49 Could you share a little bit about the movement that’s going on at full teal as we should say, just around renewables around greens and all that?

33:24 What do you think would be the reason that they’re choosing renewables rather than nuclear, coal and all that?

35:38 Do you see us getting smarter in what we do? So there’s tires of change, turn more towards the right direction for renewable, sustainable living?

44:07 Is this a solution to the land shortage? What are you thoughts on that?

46:04 Could you elaborate a bit more on the globalist pushing their agenda?

53:44 How can I learn more about a small business company structures/entity here in Australia?

59:56 The next point I want to go to Stephen is just in their financial markets in a chaos cycle. How are you kind of saying that going like the opportunities, in your eyes, is it a a good time to invest? Is there opportunities out there or is it all just chaotic?

01:03:28 There’s a lot of commentators saying the USD will collapse, property will drop and will the economy be this bad or is it more hype? Also, if the above occurs, it appears that it would be best to wait for the economy to drop before buying shares?

01:08:51 All these small batteries that have lithium will be obsolete when lithium runs out, how long before this happens?

01:10:40 To what extent have new discoveries and new technologies been factored in?