Economy Update – Week 40

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00:17 Introduction

02:53 Could you give back a quick summary around the Australian economy? What was the recemt mews that’s been going on? Or any updates from last week?

05:36 How is your business coping?

13:46 I was interested to know is Albo is big Australian policy around immigrants and raising rents. What’s been happening around that and the inflation of what Albo has been doing?

22:32 If you are a self-employed, what kind of time frame do you have to become a business owner?

24:50 Did the Labor party intentionally target the self-employed or it’s more indirect?

26:26 So are we to transform from self employed to propriety limited?

28:05 If you’re assuming there’s a six year time span, what would you say the most important things people need to do right now if they want to switch from being self employed to a business owner, if you had to name the top 3 steps?

30:50 We’ve got to know here about Queensland tax going up and how that affects the property market. So what’s that all about?

35:35 Something like that will turn a lot of Australian property investors off from that market. It’ll be interesting to see how that plays out where the investors kind of look for other options. What do you think of that?

37:07 It would certainly not be appealing to actually go into that market, then like, would there even be any point becoming a property investor in Queensland, if that comes through there, you’d just be destroyed?

37:46 Do you think that will actually come through? You can’t think it’s more to scare people?

38:13 Can you incorporate a company interstate and transfer the property into the company?

39:49 If a tradesman adds an admin assistance, is that sufficient to start with to start moving from self-employed to a business owner?

41:43 What’s your take on the Ukraine war? How’s that financially going for the elite?

45:28 It’s pretty much like what happened the last three years or even five, just anytime there’s controversy or corruption has a lot of people say it is that, all we have to do to work out what’s happening is just following the money trail and you’ll see what’s actually going on. Same thing applies to this Ukraine more based on what you’re saying?

47:39 What’s going on with the El Salvador Bitcoin experience? How is the rich going with that?

54:02 Do you see any of those crypto issues being brought to Australia, or it’s kind of a long way?

01:01:55 Can you share a little bit of what’s going on in France as well as New Zealand?

01:07:49 Can you see after the Queensland tax passed, the next step will be to up the land tax on all properties including your PPR and any other properties similar to one and a half percent tax imposed on USA property owners in the US?

01:09:12 Does Stephen know when Shak is appearing on the blog? We have been looking out of it.