Economy Update – Week 41

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00:17 Introduction

05:39 A quick summary of what’s happening with the job shortages that you see right now. How is that affecting the medical shortages and all of the doctors in that industry?

12:41 There are shortages around the medical field because people can’t do three things at once supposedly? Where are those people actually going to set up medical clinics?

16:01 What’s happening with the inner cities like Melbourne and Sydney, with the homeowners?

19:14 We’ve kind of been seeing small businesses being targeted for quite some time. But right now, what do you think are the main tactics they’re using to fast track that a little bit or get more out of business?

22:20 So is there anything else you want to add to the business side, how they’re targeting small businesses and big businesses growing?

24:36 Shaquille O’Neal recently visited Australia and Albanese is now using him to sell his indigenous voice.

29:50 What benefit did they actually get by destroying Aboriginal communities or are they not intentionally trying to do it but then there’s just organically creating that conflict?

32:39 What is the basis of the conflict between the Aboriginal communities?

34:17 I find this point interesting that we’re about to get into, but currently in New South Wales Sydney, have drafted a legislation to ban any petrol vehicle by 2030.

44:24 Do you also see with the whole change to the energy vehicles? Do you kind of say that thing as you just mentioned, is a lot of people won’t be able to afford it?

01:18:07 In summary, what you’re saying then is that, the sanctions actually costing governments more money than the people getting seized?

44:34 Do you think this is a tactic from a government’s perspective to drive people to use public transport more so being able to control them more by making them reliant on even the public transport system?

49:53 With this climate change pandemic, if it does come through like what you’re predicting, what are some things that everyone can start doing to prepare for that pandemic and cut down on movement?

54:21 With the move towards electric vehicles and all the lockdowns, do you see this affecting the actual movement of trucks? Trucks that are kind of supplying food and goods in Australia, if they can’t move long distances, then how is that going to look for Australia?

01:03:48 What kind of effects would it have on Australia if Europe really goes downhill this winter?

01:05:24 Going to UK now, Britain has a new Prime Minister, Liz Truss. What are your thoughts on that?

01:09:23 Los Angeles and California are interesting places especially with the homelessness and crime. So, could you share on that?

01:13:16 The whole sanctions that are going on with Russia, Italy now, how is that affecting the governments and just the population in general?

01:23:13 What’s happening in Rome?

01:28:34 What percentage of our politicians do you think are aware of the outcomes for Australia, they are allowing through to support the new world agenda?