Economy Update – Week 42

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00:17 Introduction

02:02 What do you see happening after the Queen’s death? Will there be any impact on the population? Anything in politics or what will be the next steps?

10:34 What’s the latest update on the shortages, especially around workers and employment?

13:22 So you don’t think there will be any transitions made towards what you were suggesting of earning about 10-15K on mentorships?

17:36 What does the emission reduction bill actually mean and what’s going to happen in terms of rent seeking?

20:39 For any business owners that’s listening to this, what industries would you want to be really mindful of, for any business owners with all this law passed?

29:04 With everything moving electric, especially vehicles as a starting point, will that mean public transport will also move to EV?If so, will that have any effect on taxes? Because obviously that will cost a lot of money to implement.

32:03 Let’s learn more about what’s been happening with the shortages growing in Europe.

37:09 What do you think is the likelihood of them actually following through with all of these things they’re saying?

38:01 I saw something on Forbes similarly, while you were saying is it in Europe, around the winter time to watch for gas inflation because Russia is cutting off some supplies. So, do you have anything on that?

41:24 The left and right conservatives left us there’s always this discretion and play a difference but it appears that they’re merging together and joining forces. So, how is that kind of happening and what’s happening in that space to indicate them? What does it mean?

47:44 How will Europe gas slide if they don’t have any gas?

48:09 Do you believe property rights in Australia are safe or do you think they will be revoked before 2030?

51:14 Could you explain the difference between leasehold over freehold?

53:00 How do you locate the lease on properties?

54:41 When a government approves a bill that creates havoc, like what you described with the emissions and electric vehicles, the move to that? Do you think that governments will modify or change that bill if they see it going public?