Economy Update – Week 43

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00:17 Introduction

07:57 About the Queensland property laws and how’s that relating to the markets. Is that something that you guys have been keeping an eye on or have you been staying away from it?

08:35 There’s obviously been changing a lot of policies, as we know, you’re specialists on the foreign policy laws. So how has that been affecting the global market? And what has happened over the last few months? What was going to happen in the next 6-12 months?

20:39 One thing Derek mentioned earlier was that he sees a crash coming because all of the indications are giving it away. Are you on the same page as Derek?

27:23 So if it did depegg what effects would that have on the population?

33:41 To what extent do you actually see the crash going to? Is it isn’t actually as big as Shak might be thinking?

36:48 What’s the best way to learn trading shots and all the gadgets? What they do? And do you have certain tools you find important and forget the rest? How do you manage and take the emotion out of the trading? And how many input hours of practice do you need to be able to start small trades and test the waters?

52:55 What are you guys actually doing to prepare for the crash in terms of making income from it? Because there’s a lot of qoutes that share, “recessions create opportunity and make millionaires”.

59:05 For someone who’s never actually learned about trading before and someone new to training, where’s the best place to start with that?

01:07:24 What are your thoughts on how cryptos are going to go and also precious metals?