Economy Update – Week 44

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00:17 Introduction

04:07 About the new law that Dan Andrews passed, can you quickly explain what that was and what you think that means for the future of society?

08:09 Assuming people do comply, do you think it gives them the right or the incentive to keep cracking down in privacy?

11:01 If laws like this are getting passed in Victoria, and if it keeps going, then what type of things would you be doing yourself and what tips would you give people to actually prepare for it, if you want to keep living freely?

15:32 There’s been a lot of insolvencies and bankruptcies increasing because the ATO is coming after people who have unpaid tax debts, so could you share a little bit on that? Should you be nervous if you’re a business owner with a large unpaid tax debt, and if you are because now that the ATO are coming hard, what should you be doing to prepare?

17:18 So, do you have any idea on the timeframe, that they’re coming after them?

17:52 What do you think is the reason why they left people alone for that time, and now all of a sudden, why would they be coming after it now rather than waiting?

18:37 What would you and any other economists say to the Great Reset, because a lot of people will not be able to pay tax debts?

20:00 You’ve been predicting it probably for about 20 or 25 yrs, just because you’ve had the spiritual background and you’ve been kind of given vision. So just from your analysis and just your instinct, where do you kind of see the economy going over the next few years and what are you doing to prepare for it?

25:05 Would you say that the type of things that you’re saying , especially planning for the upcoming recession based on your predictions are, do you need to do more things strategically, or it’s more of a bit of perseverance and hard work to get through it or a bit of both?

29:52 Did you have any thing else to add to that before we move on? Have you got any other tips to prepare or set yourself up?

43:52 Did you have any final thoughts that you wanted to share for the last five minutes?