Economy Updates – Week 4

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Highlights of this week include:

– What is happening around the world, especially Queensland?

– Do you actually have to own business to get ahead? How does it work for everyday mums & dads?

– Being urbanized – what more to control the masses than to bring them into a centralized place and relying on all the government facilities.

– There are so many opportunities aren’t there? We can create a new environment.

– For someone that’s so much living in fear and worry in the future, how do they come to this place? What would you advise them?

– Know the rules if we come to objectivity and move yourself away from subjectivity.

– If we have the taste of power, why would we want to give it away?

– It’s all about the people power. There’s more of us than they are.

– Why are we giving our power to these people, at the end of the day, they’re only looking out for themselves.

– Love yourself first, so that you can love others

– Tell us a little bit on why change is full of opportunity.

– Prepare yourself and surround yourself with a fantastic team.