Economy Updates – Week 5

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Highlights of this week include:

-How will the Pandemic Bill affect Australia?

-What does it mean for me if I was living in Melbourne, as an employee in a company or having a business in Melbourne?

-What if you love Melbourne, and you don’t want to move?

-How would you change the government Steve? What would your recommendation be?

-Perth has got the omnibus bill as well, the Medical Privacy. It’s kind of similar to the Melbourne one so it’s hitting Perth as well.

-Doesn’t it take time to actually educate and learn about how politics works, and how decisions are made? Don’t we need to come together and educate the normal people in the streets?

– The best indicator of a collapse in society is when politics becomes a career, not an act of service.

-So, it really goes back to the money trail, doesn’t it?

-What does it mean by having those seats, the 60 %? If you can just give us a little bit more info.

-Are they following someone’s God, in someone’s rule?

-With the inflation in the US and the rest of the world talk about that. So what’s happening with Joe Biden?

-For us people, how do we get practical?