Economy Updates – Week 6

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[0:54] News Parliament with Pauline Hanson, the vaccination discrimination Bill were 45 senators voted for discrimination & only 5 voted for medical privacy. What is this about?

[3:24] How many numbers would qualify to really make a difference for all of us?

[7:21] When you say that the people power is not working at the moment, what’s the point of having protests and rallies in that case?

[8:34] So what’s what the heck’s the point of it all in that case?

[10:08] How many hours did they work in parliament with that kind of salary?

[11:18] All you have to do is unseat them getting into the parliament.

[13:01] There were nine cases announced today that people were being forcibly removed from the homes, taken into quarantine camps.

[15:09] How do they choose those people that are removed from the houses?

[17:42] If you’re not into the political arena or anything like that, you wouldn’t know where to start. So what kind of questions would you ask in the first place?

[21:35] Just wake up and actually look at what’s going on and do something about it. Get yourself out of this hole.

[22:56] If we have enough people, enough numbers that can look, we can actually minimize the time. We don’t have to look at the 10 years down the track.

[26:02] That’s what we share, what we do every Tuesday and I do ask the same question because again, it’s the repetition, isn’t it?

[29:02] Inflation talks of fuel shortages.

[34:22] How’s the political refugees impact our country?

[35:22] What would your hot tips be for this week?