Economy Updates – Week 7

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[1:27] The latest Omicron variant.

[4:00] Even McGowan first said it wasn’t serious the other day.

[6:46] How will this affect the local and international borders?

[9:01] With all of this happening, how does it affect small and big businesses?

[15:01] Can you share those eight revenue streams?

[16:49] Two things that stick out there, being adaptable and also being creative.

[17:39] What things should we do now? What would you advise, i.e. the steps we can take?

[19:44] Should we try to get out of the country sooner than later?

[26:00] It’s good going back to community because it’s more heart centered, family values and coming back to connection and intimacy with each other.

[27:44] What’s your thoughts on the political space in Australia?