Economy Updates – Week 8

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[9:12] How did you turn around from getting rid of your old friends?

[11:13] What’s the main characteristics of someone who is sovereign?

[13:54] Stephen, could you share your life story in two minutes?

[15:37] Get into the right networks

[18:25] How did you break into the large networks if you don’t have money?

[19:49] You got to be willing to part with money for exchange?

[22:05] What made you into the movers and shakers and wanting to get in touch with them?

[22:38] How do you keep yourself balanced then, not too much pride in your head?

[23:58] Were you nervous at the beginning? How did you overcome that?

[24:59] Do we have hope with what’s going on? How do you see this playing out?

[30:22] It’s so important everyone to just get down to sovereignty, get on with this path, that Stephen’s talked about for what’s about to come.