Economy Updates – Week 9

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[00:39] Introduction

[1:02] From the books you suggested, where do you start?

[3:49] We’re here to make a change, aren’t we? To get on this path of sovereignty.

[4:27] If we are attracted to one another, then we kind of get in line with what we want to learn, isn’t it?

[6:00] It’s like nature, and nature has its form of cycle.

[6:40] What age did you start this journey, Stephen?

[7:36] Would you emphasize the importance of having a mentor in your life?

[8:06] When you seek someone to mentor you, do you kind of specifically sit down and look at what your requirements are?

[9:21] What are the encouragements you can give to the people at the moment? Because it’s going insane, mandates are changing constantly.

[10:51] What do you mean by being grounded? What’s your recommendation?

[12:06] What do you mean by the down part of the cycle?

[12:58] Can you elaborate on your comment – the next 10 years?

[15:27] It sounds like everything’s going to be levelling out in the next few years.

[16:31] Have you mentioned about government bonds from last week?

[16:42] Why is it that you wouldn’t be touching government bonds?

[25:27] What are some of the freer countries around the world regarding virus restrictions to your knowledge?

[27:11] Dan Andrews has been summoned to court, is this all a show?

[28:20] When you say farms and agricultural property, any further detail – size of property, close or far from cities, any states better?