Where to Invest in Recession

Where to Invest During Recession Transcript

So Asia, even the US with fossil fuels because all war machines are running on fossil fuels, logistics, so transport and food production. 

Because the people that are going to the US or they’re going to Europe are there to sponge on the social systems. That’s why people, the boat people trying to get to Australia, because they know they can sponge on the social system and we’re idiots and allow them to do it.

So if you look for countries, Indonesia doesn’t allow you to sponge on each system. Thailand doesn’t let you sponge on it. The Pacific Islands won’t let you sponge on it. The Philippines don’t let your sponge on it.

They want you to spend money in there and employ their people. So these are the places to start looking at as alternative options. You don’t have to go there all the time, but it’s an option. If everything goes hay and wire and up the ship really quick. 


So then we don’t have any more questions. But I do have a question of my own, is that if wars do come, as you’re predicting, and I’m sure many other people are, I know a lot of people like Warren Buffett, Ross Charles and people of that status, they talk about recessions and wars, create more millionaires or they can make the most money and bring the most opportunity than any other time.

So if a war did come globally, where would you as an investor be looking to capitalise on the opportunities?

So Asia, even the US with fossil fuels because all war machines are running on fossil fuels, logistics, so transport and food production, because if you have a look what happened during World War II, especially all the productive land in Europe become littered with mines and unexploded audience and all that sort.

So a lot of people starve because they just couldn’t grow food. We didn’t have the transportation systems that we’ve got today.

Now being able to grow mass amounts of food and transport it is going to be a very, very, very good thing. Being able to process that food into higher up the scale, meats or proteins or whatever that can be shipped quickly is going to be even more.

So of you have a look at where the Buffets of the world and the Bloombergs and all these guys are investing, they’re investing into fossil fuels, oil, gas, coal, they’re investing into food and they’re investing in the transportation.

NetJets, which is the largest private jet owner in the world, it is at the moment, it’s having the best time of its life. The people that used to fly first class around the world, are now flying on a private jet.

Vista jet is another one. It is just going gangbusters because it’s not a big step to go from a commercial airline flying first class to going, we’ll get the whole family together and we’ll just charter a private jet and we can go direct and it’s a lot easier because we don’t have the connections around and all that.

Plus it’s private, it’s more efficient, it’s more secure and the like. So we’re already seeing the trends on where you should be looking to invest.

Stock markets aren’t going to go away. Stock markets go up and down and they’ve been around since basically 1600, and so you can get yourself into those sort of companies.

One of the things that I’ve always lived by as well, and everyone said me say I’m not contrary. So if the wokey idiots of the world are saying, invest over here, I’m going somewhere else.

Because normally, when you scratch the surface of these guys, take Michael Bloomberg. Michael Bloomberg was saying they’re investing fossil in renewable energy, wind, solar, all this sort of stuff, but his own family and his family office were investing in the fossil fuels while buying coal companies and oil and gas companies that they’re going out of fashion.

So the elite know where to invest. Just follow what they’re doing. What’s his name? Microsoft. Bill Gates is buying farmland right now. He might be stopping farming on it, but let me tell you, he will start farming again as soon as there’s a major conflict in Europe, and Europe is not producing food because he knows when money is. 

And the plant based stuff that him and Branson and all those fools invested in, the beyond meats and all that sort of stuff, all the major fast food chains are taking it off their menus because it doesn’t sell. No one wanted it. 

Follow the money. It always comes down to follow the money.

Yeah, those are some great tips. So in summary, you just follow what the elite are doing, avoid what the masses are saying and pretty much just follow the trend.

Yeah, I knew Net Zero was doomed when I jumped into an Uber, and that’s all the Uber driver could say. If the masses and they are starting to think that it’s not real. 

And to be honest, the other reason that I have no doubt that man-made climate change is not real. Why would Obama, the biggest proponent of Net Zero with him and Al Gore and the Democrats, why would he buy a house on Martha’s Vineyard that’s a metre under sea level, supposed to rise?

Martha’s Vineyard is going to flood because most of the Martha’s Vineyard, once you get over the sand dunes, is actually below sea level or at sea level.

So why would you spend 18 or $20 million on a house that is not going to be here in five years or seven years if you believe their predictions?

So it’s simple things like that.

The other thing is, and I’m sorry, I’m taking up everyone’s time, the other simple thing on this is you can still get insurance and finance to buy beachside property.

Now, if sea level was going to rise and storms were going to increase, as they keep saying they are, you would not be able to get insurance and you would not be able to get finance for beachside property, which means that 90% of all Australian homes you wouldn’t be able to buy or insure.

It’s as simple as that, because the insurance companies run on risk models.

Now, if the risk models are exactly what all these idiots, Al Gore and all those running around the world are telling us, that the world’s going to be 15ft further underwater if those risk models were true, finance companies and insurance companies would not invest and would not put that in because they held a fiduciary duty under their licences not to. It’s simple. 

Yeah, that’s a great point. And I also like the point you mentioned before about being a contrarian, because it reminds me, I think it was Robert Allen who was in a taxi one time and he was talking, his taxi driver was telling him and encouraging him to invest into a certain stock because he thinks he’s going to take off.

So Robert Allen was already invested in that stock when he got back to his firm, he tells everyone, his investors, to sell all of their stocks of that because now it’s going to come crashing down. And sure enough, it did, because the masses were starting to catch on.